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Christine & Alex

Entertainment provided

"We approached Dennis to be our wedding’s master of ceremony, not knowing about his previous wedding experience. I had seen Dennis at work hosting and animating parties previously, and knew already how good he was at that, and thought I should give him a chance. Right away, Dennis was very professional about it, and started planning meetings months ahead in order to get to know my wife better, as she was the one who needed pleasing. He went out of his way to meet with us out here in Ottawa, and in Montreal when we were over there. As the meetings came and went, he kept getting better ideas of what we wanted and how to go about things, and a wedding reception plan started to take shape. He visited the venue to get a better idea of the environment, and got in touch with other contractors that were going to be present that night (D.J., band, technicians, etc.).

Strong point to note, this was Dennis’ first wedding in French. Instead of seeing this as an obstacle to make him back down, he saw it as a challenge and dove right into it, and people loved him for it.

The execution of that evening was flawless! He ran the show with no hiccups, and charmed both families and friends. Our wedding was a success that we could not have dreamed of, and Dennis is in large part to thank for this. He had a plan, he was flexible and adapted to all situations that arose in the evening, so much so that we were not aware of any of these situations. He kept the show running, was able to nicely bridge from activity to activity and not let things drag on, creating amazing dynamism throughout the entire evening. He was able to bring the spotlight to family members and friends at the right times, and was never out of line. Most frequent comments from the crowd said that he was smooth, not in people’s faces, not over the top, and charming. Just perfect.

Should you wish to hire him to host your wedding, or any event for that matter, Dennis is a gem, and that is an understatement. I will go back to him for any event."

Contact Alex at # 613-294-2024.

Lisa & Mike

Entertainment provided

"From the first moment, Lisa and I were highly impressed with the level of involvement and knowledge that Dennis brought to the planning of our reception. In meeting with him several times before our special day he did his best to ensure that, not only was the reception entertainment tailored to our special needs and personalities but also, that there was no stone left unturned when it came to the time line of the evening. He suggested many things that, had we not addressed then, would have led to an event that would not have been the spectacular time that we had.

At the reception itself, as with any such event, all did not go to plan. Dennis kept a cool head, informed us of what the problems were and made excellent decisions that kept the party lively and interesting for all of our guests! In speaking with them afterward, the whole event seemed seamless in no small part due to Dennis doing such a great job.

We cannot thank him enough for all his efforts to make out special day live on in our memory as a great time."

Contact Mike at email:

Marie & Alex

Photo, Video, Flowers & Cake provided

"In the largest mixing bowl you can find... mix in a cup of professionalism, a cup of creativity & ingenuity, add another cup of enthusiasm and friendliness, then stir in two dashes of comfort and ease and pour all these ingredients into your favourite pan. Before serving, sprinkle with magic and love and there you've got our experience with memoires productions.

When Alex (my now husband) first introduced me to the idea of having our video and photography done by a production company that is still in their beginning stages, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about it.... although I did remain open minded. And I will NEVER regret my decision of having done so.

We met with Peter who gave us a glimpse of the vision of Memoires Productions and we were instantly put at ease. His easygoing demeanour in no way clouded his excitement for what was being presented. It put a smile on our face and a skip to out hearts.

Peter then introduced us to Amir who impressed us with samples of his photography that with a distinct style that didn't leave us indifferent. We knew we were dealing with a master of his art.

We then were introduced to Doaa who helped bring to life a vision I had for a non traditional "cupcake wedding cake". A top tier layered in chocolate and caramel sweetness crowned rows of two different flavoured cupcakes that proved irresistible to even those who lacked a sweet tooth.

From the moment our guests laid eyes on Doaa's creation we were asked for her card.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Amal. Her voice gives away the sweetness that oozes in her character. With her guidance we chose a bridal bouquet of fuchsia roses dotted with crystals. As for my bridal party we selected a bountiful bouquet of cream roses. The contrasting colours were absolutely perfect for our fairy tale winter wedding.

And finally... but most definitely not least.... the photography and videography crew.....

We were honoured to be showered in their amazingness!!!! We truly felt like STARS!

Amir, Ben, Cedric and Peter.... can their ever be a team more well organized, more creative and more genuine then they are? From the get go they were enthusiastic, kind and easygoing. With so much diverse talent we are a zillion percent confident that every smile, every tear shed, every kiss made and every rockin' dance move was captured in various styles.

Our friend joked that they were like Ninjas.... flying across the room with almost stunt defying moves with a camera in hand ready to capture any moment.... but the nicest thing is that they were in no way intrusive to us. Once the party started... they captured their shots without us even knowing they were there so that we can enjoy our night and our guests.

We got a sneak peak at some of the pictures as did some of our guests, and they are buzz worthy.... doesn't every bride and groom want to hear that? We cannot wait to see the final product! I am already planning a viewing party for our video !

Honestly, everyone we met, everyone we planned our wedding with at Memoires Productions were so right on. They are more than a pleasure.... they are a blessing to have along side you at your wedding . Any shred of nervousness I may have had, was put in a rocket and shot to the moon....

If you want your wedding to be perfectly captured & topped with the finest of details....just look up Memoires Productions.

A million cheers to them. They deserve it."

Contact Marie at email:

Cloé & Frank

Photo, Video, Entertainment Provided

"Après 2 salons de la mariée, nous n'avions toujours pas trouvé ce qu'on cherchait. Ce n'était pourtant pas compliqué: de l'animation de qualité, un DJ qui comprend nos gouts musicaux, des belles photos et un vidéo professionnel... C'est alors que nous nous sommes tourné vers Memoires Productions. Dès la première rencontre, Peter nous a impressionné avec ses connaissances en matière de mariage et les capacités de son équipe. Avec eux, rien n'est impossible. Nous avons ensuite rencontré Dennis pour parler de l'animation. Nous nous somme tout de suite senti à l'aise avec lui, tellement que nous l'avons inviter à souper! Organisé, compréhensif, un exellent sens de l'humour et beaucoup d'expérience, Dennis s'est avéré être la clé de notre réception! DJ Mark a su faire un mélange parfait entre les chansons que nous voulions et de la musique au gout du jour. Ayant totalement compris l'ambiance que nous voulions durant chaques étapes de la réception, Mark nous a surpris en faisant jouer des chansons que nous adorions et qu'on avait oublié de mettre sur notre liste. Il a su faire lever le party au dela de nos attentes. Et que dire des photographes Amir et Julius ... Ils ont été présent du matin à tard le soir captant chaques moments. Même chose pour Peter et Ramo et leurs vidéo-caméra qui a su capturer des moments magiques qu'une simple photo n'aurait pu exprimer. (Merci mille fois de nous avoir convaincu de filmer notre mariage!)

Nous avons eu une réception parfaite et un méchant party! Des jeux auxquels tout le monde a embarqué, de la musique digne d'un club et des photographes captant spontanément chaques moments magiques. Si nous avions 1$ pour chaque fois que nous avons entendu " C'est le mariage le plus le fun auquel j'ai été", nous aurions pu payer tout le mariage avec!!

Pour ceux qui, comme nous, avez fait le tour de la "compétiton", vous ne serez pas déçu de confier votre mariage à Peter et son équipe. Il n'y a tout simplement personne qui offre un service clé en main comme eux.

Encore une fois, de la part de tous nos familles: MERCI!!!"

Cloé et Frank

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions: 514-946-8895 (We speak English as well!!)

Sandra & Dave

Photo, Video, Entertainment, Cake provided

"We all know what makes a wedding day perfect is organization, quality and hassle free services topped off with an amazing party. Memoires Productions offered us even more than that.

Starting with the preparation of the wedding cake, Memoires Productions did a great job. Not only did the cake meet all our specifications, but a pre-tasting was offered as well as set-up and preservation protocol was provided for after the party.

Secondly, the DJ and the MC took the time to meet us in advance to elaborate a flow to the evening. They were very accommodating to our requests and made the evening seem flawless (so we were told by our guests). They truly went the extra mile to make sure our guests were having a good time.

Finally, the photo and video services were amazing. They combined professionalism to their art and accommodated our difficult schedule as well as respected our traditions. At the end, they provided us with photos and videos that made our memories more vivid than we can remember.

All in all, Memoires Productions truly made our wedding day impeccable.

Thanks guys for the Memoires!"

Contact Dave at

Alicia & Mike

Photo, Video, Entertainment, Decor provided

Married June 30, written July 2nd. Followed by the testimonial.

Hey guys! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful memories you helped us create on Saturday. You guys are truly amazing and we continue to get tons of wonderful comments about the amazing job you guys did. Your patience and understanding and of course out of this world talent are truly appreciated! Please pass our sincere thanks and admiration for a job well done to all of the guys at Memoires. Peter, we haven't forgotten about your request and as soon as we come back from our honeymoon, we will be sending you our thoughts on how you made our day out of this world!

"Memoires Productions truly made our day extraordinary. We were blown away by their level of organization, talent and ability to connect with all of us so that we felt at ease as they worked their magic.

The photographers' and videographers' creativity helped capture all the excitement and emotions that were felt on our day. They were very understanding and knew exactly how to interact with us so that all of our family and friends shined. They also went above and beyond what ordinary videographers and photographers provide as they did not hesitate to assist the bridal party by tying ties, attaching boutonnieres ,helping us stay on schedule and the list goes on.

The entertainment services provided by DJ Mark and MC Dennis exceeded our expectations. Mark and Dennis both met with us in advance and helped us create a spectacular evening for our guests. Their attention to detail, ability to incorporate all of our requests in music and Dennis' magnificent eloquence as an MC had our guests entertained and on their feet the whole night! "

Contact Mike at

Marianne & Mike

Photo ,Video , Entertainment provided

Peter and his team were very dynamic and creative all throughout the process. They were very involved with us at every level of planning and were able to give us some great suggestions while planning out the entire reception with us. Peter and his photographers and videographers were a pleasure to deal with and we were given excellent service the whole day long. We definitely got a great deal for the price we paid as opposed to a lot of other competitors we checked with. The pictures were excellent and the scenes they captured were great choices. Our MC, Dennis, kept our guests involved and entertained the entire night with several activities he had suggested to us all while coordinating with the DJ to make sure that we kept people on the dance floor. I've always known the bride and groom to try and slip out unnoticed at some point once the dinner ends and the dancing starts but we were still dancing and the party was still going strong with a room full of guests until 3 am when our hall had to shut us down to close and clean up. They definitely made sure that our experience was easy and stress free.

Contact Mike at

Melanie & Joseph

Photo, Video, and Entertainment provided

What better way to have your video, photos and entertainment done by one company. The professionalism, upbeat and friendly attitude made this a comfortable experience for my wife and I. Peter did a wonderful job in assembling his photo/video team and what a team they were! Right away we knew how passionate Peter and his team are with what they do and they could not have done a better job at making the day run smoothly.

The entertainment was just as good! Dennis was animated from the very first meeting! From that point on, my wife and I knew he was the man for the job. Mark the DJ, knowing that he has a background in the club scene, did a very good job. Dennis and Mark, like salt and pepper, complement each other. They definitely know how to get a party started! Based on the experience that my wife and I had at our wedding, these guys, from photos/video to the DJ/MC, did a FABULOUS job.

Thank you for an experience to remember!

Joseph and Melanie

Contact Joseph at

Christina & Alex

Video provided

Here I am watching my video, tearing up at being able to relive it over and over again, seeing so many things I was not able to see on the busy day. I can't imagine not being able to experience this (or our future children) and thanks to Peter I never will have to know. I was always thinking we would get a friend to videotape but after that went badly for our friends we were so happy that Peter was able to work with us to give us the best possible package to fit within our budget, while not taking away any quality. One of the things we were so anxious about was having an invasive videographer, as we have witnessed at other weddings, and Peter was so patient with these concerns and our many requests. We are happy to say that we do not remember him at all during the ceremony and that he went with the flow so well afterwards, never taking away an intimate moment from us or our guests. He was able to capture all the key moments and did not take away from any intimate moments - what more could you ask for from a videographer :) I definitely recommend this videographer!!!

Contact Christina at

Corinne & Kaven

Photo, Video, and Entertainment provided

When we decided to get married, we wanted the day to be special, a day that we could remember for the rest of our lives. We wanted the memories that fade to be captured in the most perfect of ways. This obviously came with a lot of worries. We started contacting various companies whom we met and were never satisfied with the product. The games that were offered were not what we were looking for, the music was often predetermined and didn’t suit our needs, and the animation was more than often untailored to what we were looking for. We wanted a fun evening that would take our tastes into considerations. We were looking for a company that wasn’t going to treat us like “another client”.

Then we met Peter. From the first meeting Peter showed us pictures and videos of what they had done. Every picture and video seemed to have a unique touch that “fit” the clients. Everything was extremely organised, which eased the rest of the planning process. We then had several meetings where Peter asked us what we needed and how they could meet these needs. We felt very confident that the wedding day would be captured and that the pictures and video would turn out just like we had imagined. And that it did.

For the animation we had the privilege of having Rima. We trusted her from the first meeting and felt as if she was the one to have at our wedding. She went beyond our expectations and worked restlessly throughout the reception to make sure that everyone was having a great time. The partly literally started when we entered the room and continued beyond our departure. She was very accommodating and flexible throughout the evening which made things easier on everyone. We could not have asked for anything better.

We wanted to thank Peter and his team. You had made our wedding all that we had expected and even more. You were able through DJ, animation, photo, and video to entertain and capture all the moments of this important day. We would also like to thank Peter for a very special gift he offered us. As well as making our day so perfect, Peter surprised us by offering us a weekend of relaxation at Blueberry Lake Resort, in the Tremblant area. What a weekend we spent there. The chalet we had was beautiful and the resort was exceptional.

Thank you once again and we strongly recommend anyone to work with Memoires Productions.

Contact Kaven at

Danielle & Marc

Photo, Video, Entertainment, Decor and Cake

We do not know where to begin. We booked the entertainment, photography, videography and cake with Memoires Productions.

Entertainment, Marc and Dennis, you guys ROCKED it. Marc got us jamming and dancing all night long and Dennis, as the MC, ran the show the whole evening without any hesitations. His personality and dynamism charmed both family and friends. To Marc and Dennis, you both seriously did an AMAZING job and kept everyone up and on their feet –not wanting to leave- the whole night. Not a single dull moment. You really helped make our night memorable. Thank you for everything.

For the photography and videography crew, I don’t know what to say. Our engagement shoot and at our wedding - You guys were on top of everything. Memorable pictures taken at our engagement shoot and an amazing video. And on our special day, you snapped and recorded almost all night long and we got sooooo many beautiful footage of our special day- moments that we will always remember thanks to you guys. From morning to night, you guys didn’t stop and we just wanted you guys to know how thankful we are.

Last but certainly not least, to Doaa, your ‘cupcakes’ cake were AMAZING. I can’t begin to describe how good they were. And the decoration, WOW, just simply beautiful. Thank you so much for all your work.

To the whole Memoires Production crew thanks a million for everything. You guys made our special day last in our memories forever. We simply couldn’t have done it without you all. Our wedding was such a great success - All night long we couldn’t stop hearing from everyone ‘what a beautiful night it was’ - and it was all thanks to Memoires Productions. To anyone who is thinking of these guys, you will definitely not regret it.


Marc & Danielle

Contact Marc at

Amanda & Mark

Photo and Entertainment provided

Our wedding was already incredible, but Demian Events (with Talia Dezso Photography) was made phenomenal. Our MC, Dennis, made the party jump, he was enthusiastic from he word "go", and he was very conscious of what we wanted as a couple. When we met him, he was wearing a Habs jersey and was so keen, how could we say no? We wanted a party and that's what we got! All of our guests still cannot say enough about how much they liked Dennis.

Talia, oh Talia, she was our photographer before she even met us! I've loved her style of photography for a long time, and to have her document our wedding is a dream come true. She is sweet, inventive, creative individual (and hysterically funny). Don't even get me started on how beautiful her photographs are!!

Peter kept everything moving, he coordinated people (family and vendors alike), he was the grand marshall of the whole thing. We couldn't have asked for a better team of people. Everyone was on time, zealous, upbeat and (in some cases) more excited than my husband and I!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Peter, Talia, and Dennis. You made our wedding the best possible day!

Amanda and Mark

Contact Amanda at

Veronique & Andre

Photo and Entertainment provided

Que dire de l’équipe de Demian Events mis à part qu’ils ont fait de notre mariage un moment inoubliable! Tout a débuté par une première rencontre où nous avons été tout de suite impressionnés par le professionnalisme de Peter. Ce dernier a su nous mettre en confiance et nous démontrer que son équipe avait tout en main pour faire de notre mariage la plus belle journée de notre vie. Nous avons par la suite rencontrés notre animateur, Dennis, pour qui nous avons aussi eu un coup de cœur. Avec son humour et son sens de la répartie, Dennis a su nous mettre à l’aise dès la première minute et nous avons su dès cet instant que l’équipe de Demian Events était celle qui allait créer l’ambiance tant recherchée pour notre mariage. D’autres rencontres ont eu lieu ainsi que plusieurs communications. Peter a toujours été disponible pour nous et à l’écoute de nos besoins durant toute l’organisation du mariage. Il nous a apporté plusieurs idées auxquelles nous n’aurions jamais pensé et a su apaiser les angoisses d’une future mariée! Le jour tant attendu, l’équipe de Demian Events est arrivée très tôt le matin pour ne repartir que très tard en soirée. Les photographes, Peter et Robert, se sont donnés corps et âmes pour capter chaque moment et ainsi nous offrir les plus beaux souvenirs d’une journée tout simplement parfaite. Et que dire de l’animation! Dennis a fait un travail incroyable. Tous les invités ont embarqués sans hésiter dans les jeux proposés par Dennis ne laissant ainsi aucun temps mort à la réception. Une saine compétition, beaucoup de plaisir et de fous rires ont été à l’honneur durant toute la soirée. Notre DJ, Joey, a totalement compris l’ambiance que nous recherchions pour chaque étape de la soirée. Il a su faire lever le party jusqu’au petites heures du matin, ne laissant pas beaucoup de répit au plancher de danse! Tous nos invités n’ont cessés de nous répéter que c’était c’est aucun doute le plus beau mariage auquel ils ont assistés! Tous ont été impressionnés par le professionnalisme et le dévouement de l’équipe de Demian Events. Nous ne pourrions jamais assez remercier toute l’équipe pour l’excellent travail qu’ils ont accompli! Même dans nos rêves, nous n’aurions pu imaginer un mariage si réussi! Nous recommandons sans hésiter l’équipe de Demian Events. Encore une fois, de la part de nos familles et amis, MERCI! Véronique et André N’hésitez pas à nous contacter au :

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